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Longest climbs in Scotland

bigbeezer67bigbeezer67 Posts: 24
where can i find these bad boys,
they don't need to be the steepest, [if they are then it's all good] it's the longest continual climbs i am looking for.



  • Isn't there a list of climbs in Britain then just take the Scottish ones?
    ROAD < Scott Foil HMX Di2, Volagi Liscio Di2, Jamis Renegade Elite Di2, Cube Reaction Race > ROUGH
  • Bleach Na Ba (sp?)
    Moffat up the Devils Beeftub or up the other side from the Tweed Valley.
    Preston Road and the Knock from Linlithgow.
    Lomond hill from Leslie or Falkland.

    Lots more if you search.
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