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Campag chainset adaptation for a hilly terrain

runner81runner81 Posts: 9
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Nice weekend everyone,.
I have just purchased a 2010 Pinarrello F4:13, and I have a campag sizing question:

I have a 2010 campag system (10spd) - it's a mix of Centaur, record and chorus.
It's built with a record 39/53T crankset, a chorus regular (5.5cm) rear derailleur and a 12/25T cassette.

From what I've learned in the past few hours of searching, my rear derailleur call for a CW of 27,
and with my crank having a CW value of 14 (53-39), I understand I can have a cassete with a CW value of 13, or 14 MAX.
which means - either a 12/26T or a 13/27T.

I live in a very hilly place. My weekend routine involves a minimum 1650 foot climb, sometimes double or triple that.

As I'm new to biking, and my legs aren't strong enough - I'm looking for the most effective solution to make that ride slightly (well - much..) easier.

I understand that my options are either a 13/27T cassette - which will make things just slightly easier, switching to Compact crank (expensive), or chane the rear derailleur, in order to support a bigger cassette (13/29 for instance).

Keeping an Athena level or better, both later options are extremely expansive.

Is there any other better alternative? (besides getting really strong real fast, or not climbing hills in the meanwhile..)

Is there any other alternative?

Thanks, appriciating your time!


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    13-29 cassette should run OK on your drivetrain i.e. no need to change rear derailleur.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Thanks!
  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    Monty Dog wrote:
    13-29 cassette should run OK on your drivetrain i.e. no need to change rear derailleur.

    This is correct, I ran 13-29 on a short cage Veloce RD with 53-39 chainset for quite a while, no issues.
  • Thank you :-)
  • GromsonGromson Posts: 100
    Apologies if this topic has been covered previous. I did search the forum as much as I could before posting.

    My Campy bike has a 53/39 Chainset, a 12-25T 10sp veloce cassette and a short cage RD.

    I've been on the same set up for 2.5 years and >20,000 miles with the occasional replacement of like for like when it comes to worn chains and cassettes.

    I am more than quite capable of winding that whole set up up a good climb, although more by brute force than by "elegant spinning". Nearly all of my mates have a 28 or larger on the cassette and as we've all got better at hills, they're naturally now faster than me.

    I was led to believe I'd be able to switch the 12-25T for a 13-29T (and back again) without needing any significant adjustments to the RD, but that doesnt appear to be the case in the application.

    The chain appears to run smoothly over the new cassette and is able to reach and engage all 10 gears, however it now sounds like a 50CC scooter as the chain is running round the cassette, in all 10 gears, and the noise gets louder the faster I pedal. The chain doesnt LOOK overly stretched over the 29T and the "brrrrrrrrrrrr" noise is equally as annoying in 13T.

    I'm not able to hit the LBS for a few days, and was wondering if there was an easy fix that's staring me in the face, bearing in mind that I'm probably a liability when it comes to being entrusted with a houseplant.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • webboowebboo Posts: 3,275
    Have you threaded it correctly through the rear mech, that would make it sound like you describe if its wrong.
  • GromsonGromson Posts: 100
    webboo wrote:
    Have you threaded it correctly through the rear mech...

    Hi, yes - I hadn't removed the chain when I switched the cassette over.

    However, having now replaced the chain with a new one, things seem a lot quieter, so the answer appears to be yes, you can chop and change between a 12-25 and a 13-29 10sp veloce cassette using a 53/39 crankset and a shortcage RD.

    One cassette for the deepdish wheels and another on the winter/hill wheels.

    Until the chainwear ruins it.
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