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Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-mod new build

dogsnadgersdogsnadgers Posts: 12
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Hi, not even ridden this yet, can't wait for the better weather, it's the frame of my dreams, I may upgrade the Zondas at some stage but they are great value for money. Hope you like?!



  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    Nice.. indeed, but avoid Knowsley safa....
  • lol, bit zebra like you mean?! Bit difficult with a black and white frame to introduce other colours!
  • Nice that bar tape, not planning many long rides with only one bottle cage?
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  • I have two, just haven't put the other one on yet, theres a few early season races that you don't need two bottles for so will wait a while yet!
  • bobloboblo Posts: 360
    I've a CAADX in black and white, it's nearly as loud as that... :D
  • Ber NardBer Nard Posts: 827
    Nice. Lever position on the bars spoils it for me aesthetically but if it works for you then it doesn't matter. I reckon a white with black saddle would make it look even better.

    Looks incredibly fast.
  • Miles253Miles253 Posts: 535
    Mike Giant for Cinelli does some great bar tape that would look awesome on that build. Not that your stuff isn't nice. Great bike that

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  • Gosh you really need to unwrap your bars and move your brake levers higher. They look v difficult to ride on the tops b/c they're pointing down - it does make it easier to brake in the drops however.

    If you think your reach will feel too short were you to move them up, then perhaps a longer or lower stem is in order...
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  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    First time I've seen Cinelli splash bar tape on a bike and not thought 'sweet Jesus no, take it off'. Just more of a 'hmmm. Not too keen'.

    That Mike Giant tape would look good, as would the White Fizik with the black Fizik writing.

    Good to see Campag on there, looks perfect, although shifter position detracts aesthetically.

    Some Red Fulcrum Zeros from a couple of years ago would look ace!
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  • A perfect match!

    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • I like the lever position. Not too far removed from my own. The tape brings back memories of Gateway 2000 PCs
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    That's fantastic. Thumbs up for the Campag build.

    The lever position certainly wouldn't work for me, but everyone is different!
  • I have always had the levers low, they are higher than they were on my previous bike! I may try moving them up a bit, I'm using a hire bike this weekend (abroad) so I will see what that is like as no doubt the levers will be in a more conventional position.
    Thanks for the positive comments, I may look at some different bar tape and I do have some black and white clothing but not as loud as the jersey above!
  • Ignore 'em about the levers.
    Didn't seem to spoil his ability too much. 8)

    I get so envious when I see race bikes set up like this, stem slammed, a mile of seatpost and proper gruppo... makes my back and neck hurt just looking at them.. :lol:

    Well done that man.
    If you think your reach will feel too short were you to move them up, then perhaps a longer or lower stem is in order...
    Looks plenty long already, 120 or 130 at least? Could go lower, but there's already a big saddle to bar drop...
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  • Okay, so I have changed the bottle cages as I didn't like the white Cannondale ones and the bar tape, (not sure if I shouldn't have gone for white though), so I moved the levers up on the bars as well and the position is spot on. First proper ride on it today, it's smooth, much more comfortable than my previous alloy/carbon frame but its damn quick, especially on the hills, now all I need to do is lose another half stone and get fit!

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