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Stage cycling algorithm

mentalalexmentalalex Posts: 266
Does any one know what it is or when I can find it, I have the below from srm
p=([measured frequency-zero offset frequency] x cadence 2π)/(slope x 60)

does it just include 2* at the start taking into account the fact it measure's left leg output and doubles it.

In addition, does anyone know where I can find the algorithm for Normalized power?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I do science, sometimes.


  • Normalized Power is a trademark of so that's where I'd start
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  • RChungRChung Posts: 163
    No, the 2 is because the circumference of a circle is pi*D = 2 * pi * r.

    if p is power at one second intervals and rmp30 is a 30-second running mean of p then NP is just mean(rmp30^4)^1/4 (i.e., it is the Euclidean L4 norm of rmp, whence the name "normalized").
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