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Merging Kickr & Polar files in Strava

yorkshirerawyorkshireraw Posts: 1,606
An appeal for help from the more technically minded please.

I've recently got a Wahoo Kickr - great bit of kit, makes turbo sessions far more structured / controllable.

I also use a Polar HRM (RCX5) which is also recording the cadence from the bike (as it does outdoors).

The Kickr can output to Strava, and I have worked out how to convert the Polar XML file to TCX, which can also upload to Strava.

My question is what is the simplest way to merge the 2 activities in Strava into 1? Is it even possible.

I've tried merging them before uploading a single file but can't seem to make it work. The Wahoo Fitness app will email out a tcx or GPX file but these don't seem to work properly in any of the online converters I've found.

Any help greatly appreciated!


  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    Can I ask what you are trying to achieve?

    I ask as I have a Kickr and a Power2Max power metre. A month ago I recorded the same session on my Egde 800 and my Edge 1000. One recorded the power from the Kickr, the other from the Power2Max.

    I then wrote a program that merged the two files and reviewed the data storing it in a CSV file.

    The issue was that the time stamps on both devices will be different and it is very unlikely that you started both recordings at the exact same moment in time. It was therefore not 100% clear which trackpoints in each file matched.

    My advice would be to load them in Garmin Connect and review the files there.
  • Just wanted to be able to see the power info from the Kickr and the HR / Cadence from the Polar in the same place.
    The polar is a bit of a pain as it only seems to work with You can download a file from there in XML and convert it to tcx, but it's then the merging with the info from the Kickr that I haven't found a way to do. Uploading the polar file into Strava just gives a second 'session' rather than merging into the existing one from the Kickr.

    Interestingly I've found I can export an actual outdoor ride from Strava as a GPX file, and then merge that with the XML Polar file and convert them into a single tcx file and reload into Strava after deleting the original strava file. For some reason though the stationary sessions from the Kickr don't seem to have the export option when viewed on the Strava site, and exporting / converting / deleting and re-loading for every session would be a pain. I'm not bothered about combining the 2 sets of info (Strava / Polar) for rides as everything except except the route (HR, cadence, speed, distance) is captured by the Polar.
    It's for sessions on the Kickr where it would be good to have the power and HR / cadence info together.

    You can email a GPX file from the wahoo app but when I tried loading that into the converter it said the file wasn't recognised.

    I appreciate this would all be simpler if I had a Garmin with HR & Cadence but I use the Polar HRM and the iphone (for Strava / Kickr).
  • Can you go over again exactly which devices are paired with which measurement devices?
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