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Knee issues

bryant4114bryant4114 Posts: 11

I recently purchased a new bike but I'm having trouble with my positioning.

It feels like i dont generate nearly enough power like I used to, despite having a much improved bike. I get tired more easily, I'm slower and most importantly, I feel the strain on the inside of my knee when pushing on the pedals. Previously I'd feel the burn in my thighs but now its always in my inner knee

I've kept the same pedals but I'm not sure what i need to adjust. It feels like my stem is too long and possibly could do with raising, but from what google suggests its my cleat position. I've tried adjusting this but the difference is minimal.

The fact its the same both in and out the saddle would suggest handlebar position no?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,723
    How about a side-on pic of you on the bike? You won't get any sensible answers without it.
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