Sleepy Sunday Morning

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Not enough sleep, despite the usual cider & wine. Today is rugby for the kids, so basically standing around a freezing cold field whilst the kids have fun and the wife is off swimming :roll:

Later is a ride with some friends and then visit some family, then obviously pub and then top gear


  • schmako
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    Morning, was working 5am - 9am today, feels like it should be later in the day now! Ah well if I can stay awake I'll take the bike out for a jaunt!
  • Stevo_666
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    Morning Gits,

    Up in the frozen North sorting stuff out for parents. Will not be the last trip by a long shot. Drive back down to Kent this afternoon and get ready for a week of work hassle. Roll on the first uplift of the year!
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  • oodboo
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    Up most the night then up early to go to the cinema. Taking kids to see Shaun the sheep. Then continuing the search for my shock pump this afternoon.
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  • veronese68
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    Nice day out. Went to watch the large male child play rugby, good first half but we won't mention the second. Lots of people out on very shiny bikes wearing Rapha. They seem to spend more time cleaning their bikes than riding them.
    Had fried dead pig in 3 varieties, might have to go to the pub later.