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Smart Training? (Smartwatch, Healthtracker, cyclometer, etc)

TinkoTinko Posts: 3
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Hi there

I would be interested to know if people use any kind of smart devices to improve bicycle training or just keep it interesting and them motivated? That can be an old school cyclometer to keep track of speed or a smartwatch with GPS, heart rate sensor and what not. I was always interested in those kind of gadgets but never really got into them. What is really useful to improve training and what is just a novelty?

Let's start with me. I just use my smartphone with cycling apps. That's it. I mount it to my bar even if it looks strange and use it as my cyclometer. I use it for:

Track pace
Measure distance
Track time
Navigate when I'm lost
All exercises overview for motivation

I guess those are the obvisious things to do. Does measuring you heart rate for example really motivates? Does a fitness tracker make sense? Who uses a smartwatch or wearables and how?

Thanks Tinko


  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,550
    Do a search on the forum on Garmin. Garmin have become the de facto standard. Then search on HRM, Cadence, power meter, Trainingpeaks, and Strava by which time you'll have a very good sense of what people use.
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  • TinkoTinko Posts: 3
    I'm sorry but could you point me in the right direction with a link or so?

    I was searching in the forum for garmin and was surprised by the amount of results. But all seem to be about one specific feature of a specific device not working, or people offering parts that sort of things. I couldn't find threads where people discuss what they find useful and how they use it. Even after narrowing the search down to road/training, fitness and heath.

    Are you suggesting garmin smart watch or GPS computer or power meter or all three to use as a reference to start with?

    Sorry but I'm really new to those gadegts.

    What I forgot to mention, I would like to focus on smart outdoor training.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
    Define what you actually want to train for and how you think you need to go about it before thinking 'expensive but sexy ' technology has a ready mix solution for you.
    Thats my best tip for you at the stage I think you are at.
    Currently your phone app Strava or Endomondo etc seems to be a good compromise.
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