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Dodgy bike setup from Halfords?

CarrotCakeIsYumCarrotCakeIsYum Posts: 6
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I guess I'm what you'd class as an occasional lurker! I was after some advice on MTB set up...

I usually ride TT bikes, but wanted a mountain bike for trips to the pub and a now-and-again trek out along the surrey trails. In the end I went for a cheap Apollo Evade from Halfords, which seems to be made out of jelly metal but does the job.

On one of my first rides I was turning right from a main road into a side road. The front wheel stuck - causing me to stagger around and look like a bit of a prat (and of course some muppet who was waiting to come out of the side road wasn't happy to wait an extra two seconds and honked his horn).

On inspecting the bike they've set it up so the front brake cable is routed as going across the back of the fork (to the right hand brake lever). This means when I turn the handlebars to the right the cable gets caught on the tyre tread. I don't know if the pictures are clear enough to show the problem? I have always set brakes up so the cable is routed in front of the forks, so doesn't get caught in the tyre - its done that way on every other bike I own.

I'm happy to alter the cable myself. But feel I should contact Halfords to let them know, in case they do it again and it causes injury. I just wanted to check I wasn't being thick, and they were in fact setting them up correctly.





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