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Mio Cyclo 505

www777www777 Posts: 48

Looking at purchasing one of these and reviews get good marks, just after any customer reviews?.

Do they link up with strava ok and do they have bluetooth etc?.



  • DownwardDownward Posts: 179
    I have the 305. Not used it since October but a lot of things have been updated.

    Did a ride yesterday uploaded it to laptop and instantly shows on strava. Used to be a delay but seems a lot quicker now.
  • i have been using one for about a month now.
    they seem very good
    links straight to strava and endomondo and a few others

    links to the cadence and hr sensor well

    the routing can be a bit hit and missy (wanted to take me on the a1 !! ) but i havent used it much and played with that yet

    also i had an issue with the wifi uploading, this was due to my router being set to high speed only, this is now resolved and links and updates no problems

    connects to your phone with an app and then your music can be controlled from it and your phone calls and text come through to the device

    also if you are using with phone connected turn by turn dirctions come through the phone

    i havent any first hand experience with garmin so cannot compare, i just got this instead because everyone seemed to be complaining about there garmins

    hope this helps a little
  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    I have a MIO Cyclo 105. I never use it. As a cycling computer it is terrible. Support from the company is also very poor. Will never buy a computer from MIO again. I understand some of the bigger numbered devices are better and maybe they were just practicing with the 105, but I'm still going to stay clear.
  • ianbarianbar Posts: 1,352
    just buy a garmin...
    enigma esprit
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