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Tailored Training

matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
Hi all,
i'm looking for a bit of advice on how best to tailor my training for specific events.
I go for a couple of evening rides of between 25-45 miles a week and one longer 75-100 mile at the weekend.
I have got myself a busy cycling calender this year.
I shall be entering the following
10th May - 2015 Hampshire Hilly 100 miles 7500ft
23rd - 26th May - 2015 Tour of Wessex 3 day 335 Miles
19th June - 2015 Chase the Sun 215 miles
20-23rd August 2015 Alps 550 km 14000 mtrs

i've got a turbo and now subscribed to Trainer Road and will be using Virtual Power, can anyone recommend an order of programs that will benefit the rides i'm doing?
I went to the Alps last year and i was fine on just basically getting out on my bike more, however, i don't want to do anymore than the 5500 miles i did last year, i just want to get the most from them.

am i over thinking?

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