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Whyte T129 Works or SCR?

chrisnic365chrisnic365 Posts: 14
edited January 2015 in MTB buying advice
Interested if anyone has ridden them both.

I've ridden the S and the SCR but 6 weeks apart. Specifically I did a 30 mile Ride It on the SCR last weekend and loved it on the downhill sections. Its easily the most stable bike I've ridden at speed. I was also impressed by the range on the SCR. For the first 20 or so miles I didn't need anything more even up a few long and steep climbs. Much after that though and my legs were starting to give and a few times I caught myself wishing for a granny cog.

For the riding immediately around my village I'm pretty sure that i'd have a similar experience in that 80% of the time i'd be fine with a single ring but I worry about the longer rides. I've got a few 35-40 mile trips planned this year which has got me thinking maybe the Works version, with its 2x10 might be better suited. To date most of my riding has been at the more xc end of trails (certainly true around the south chilterns where I live) and I've not yet been to any parks or trail centres although Swinley is on my list in the next few months.

So the dilemma, go SCR and have something more trail/fun focused but more hard work on longer rides or go works and possibly get more versatility. I'm struggling to convince myself that the works would be less fun on trails than the SCR but also have that niggle that in 6 months i'd wish i'd got the SCR.

Any thoughts?


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