2015 Scott Speedster 20 (first road bike)

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So after about a decade since my childhood ended where I used a mountain bike to get everywhere, I picked up a bike of the 'go faster' variety. This is my workout/training/wind in my hair/I just want to be outside bike. Picked it up from my LBS after they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. in just over a month I've got between 550 and 600 miles on it, riding on weekends only.

I have since outfitted it with Shimano 105 pedals (to match the rest of the 105 components), a Garmin 500 with cadence and HRM, and some bottle cages. I also took the liberty of taking off a few things like the reflectors (rear wheel reflector was actually broken within a few weeks) and the dork disk on the rear after it cracked. My total investment on this bike of around $1600 doesn't approach the high end stuff out there, but I love this thing just the same.



  • There are a lot of ugly team bikes out there, but this certainly isn't one of them! Very nice choice, they're a great bike.
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    I really like the look of the Speedster range. Nice one.
  • That's a lovely looking bike and looks like it's got nice kit on it for a first road bike.
    The paint job's nice too :) - I'm a fan of colourful glossy frames, but they seem to have fallen out of fashion recently.

    Have fun with it!
  • Really nice bike, especially for a first road bike, glad to see you got rid of some of the dork things pretty quickly as well lol.


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  • Thanks everyone! I was calling shops all around my area looking for a specific make and model of bike. The shop I got this Scott from had the bike I was originally looking for, but told me they'd sell me this Scott at the same price as the bike I originally called about, saving me $200 and putting me on a bike with a much better groupset and a paint job I liked a whole lot more. Its been one of the best things I've ever bought myself.
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    Very nice. I love my Scott too. Enjoy!
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    Hi there! I have ordered this bike and I wait like crazy!! It's beautiful!
    Can you tell me where did you buy the bottle cages? I haven't seen something better than it. They are a perfect match!!!!
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    That is stunning...