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Biceps Femoris tendon pain

QuizmateQuizmate Posts: 97
I recently started getting pain whilst riding in my left leg which manifests as tendon pain on the outside of the knee at the rear especially if pushing hard. It started (and is worse) on the left, but is migrating slowly to involve the right leg. Physio says the Biceps Femoris hamstring muscle is the culprit and the pain is from it's tendon where it inserts at the bone. Historically i do have tight hamstrings. I've got plenty of stretches and strengthening exorcises to be going on with and have had a bike fit (saddle admittedly higher now than a fit I had a couple of years ago!) My pedals are Time RXS so supposedly plenty of float if that's a good thing. My current winter trainer frame is noted as being a little too big so will downsize the frame shortly to allow more freedom of saddle adjustment etc. If anyone has any thoughts or advice especially from a fit perspective then it'll be greatly appreciated as the pain on the left once it kicks in is not pleasant and will ultimately stop me riding!


  • FitzMFitzM Posts: 232
    In recent years I too have had many hamstring issues mainly my right hamstring, problems only worsened when I pushed through a cramp and tore my right hamstring on a century ride hill climb :(
    Pilates and stretching helped as did regular use of

    Then I started visiting a sports massuese and while the first few sessions were VERY painful, once the knots were gone everything changed. Cramp is now a rare occurrence :)
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  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    short hamstrings, you just need to adopt a regime of foam roller massage and hamstring stretches. It will eventually sort itself out. I am having similar pain at the moment.
  • I have same problem, off the bike at the moment due to it. And straight after having a bike fit to try and fix it which is rather annoying as riding position seemed to me much better (higher seat, much shorter stem).

    Cold weather can aggravate. I have been trying to research PRP injections too ... ctions.htm. But also need to strengthen hamstrings and glutes which is probably more effective (and cheaper). But if anyone has any experience of PRP would be good to hear. Struggling to find a permanent fix.

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  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    If you have tendonitis then the only real option is rest.

    I have a similar problem in my arm caused from weights and you either Gel up with ibuprofen gel or rest it out. I find the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like diclofenac/Volterol quite good for this.

    I'm not sure rollering will work - but probably wont hurt.. Well it will hurt but you get what I mean.
  • mrwibblemrwibble Posts: 980
    foam roller will work in combination with stretching but will take time. the pain is where the tendon attaches to the pelvis and is being stretched because of the tight muscle. Roll and Stretch is my advice or go see a Physio or Sports Massage person
  • Thanks everyone. I've been foam rolling and stretching like its going out of fashion and using a thera band to work my hamstrings. I've also got some of those rock hard spiky massage balls to pummel those trigger points. Physio hasn't told me to rest as yet, but limiting my riding to the club social 40 miler once a week at a steady pace. Fingers crossed. Am wondering if switching to speedplay might help. Trouble started after upping my pace and mileage and switching from 2 Bolt SPD to TIME RXS. Difficult to pinpoint the real culprit. Might just be my rubbish flexibility and poor geometry (I wear inserts to correct pronation when walking!)
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