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New kid from Cannock Chase!

Mr BurnsMr Burns Posts: 9
edited March 2015 in MTB beginners
...Well, not so much a 'kid' actually!

So imagine you can see Cannock Chase from your driveway, then try to imagine you're 34 years old and have never ridden a MTB off road before... Crazy? Maybe!

It all started when I wanted some winter exercise and didn't fancy joining a gym like all the other new years resolution chumps, and someone suggested riding the trails on a mountain bike.

Luckily I had a Halfords Carrera thing in the garage, so I dusted it off and headed into the woods hoping that I'd stumble across the trails... And I did! :)

I've been over there twice now and clocked up 32 miles (which includes riding home) and I'm getting really into it, and the regulars seem really friendly too... I've made some new friends already!

I have a million questions, so please make me welcome!



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