Wahoo Tickr Problem

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Has anyone else had any problems the the Tickr?

Had it a week now and it seems to freeze up from time to time when on the turbo. When doing core exercises its just useless. Emailed Wahoo and they gave me a few this to try on top of what i tried but still no joy.

I have tried.

- Wetting the electrodes
- Using gel on them
- Resteting the bluetooth connection
- Resting the Fitness app
- Different HR strap (with the Tickr on)
- Ran the Tickr on the iPhone and Garminn at the same time (both pause)
- Used Tickr connected to iPhone and Garmin strap connected to the Garmin head unit. The Garmin didn't pause, Tickr played up.

This is what it does (last min or so of the intervals.

http://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/ride ... nt-Alyeska


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    Mine works fine with my Garmin and phone but not with the LeMond Revolution
  • I have a TIckr too (the basic one) only used it about a dozen times but haven't had any issues when using it with my iPhone 6 and Endomondo.

    That said I did previously have a Wahoo HR monitor (The one before the Tickr came out) and that worked about 3 times then just stopped working in the middle of one ride and that was that.
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    I’m having the exact same problem as OP with my second Tickr.

    The problem i have with this one and the problems I had with my first one are identical.

    The heart trate strap initially works just fine for several weeks. Then it starts to freeze in reporting heart rate during excersise, so changes in heart rate will no longer be even, but stepwise.

    Somtimes it completely freezes at an unrealistic pulse, for instance at the middle of a really tough effort, heart rate is no longer dynamic but goes from reported 165-170 BPM down to 112 and keeps totally steady for some minutes before it starts working again.

    The electrodes are moist (also sweating in this part of the workout), the battery has recently been replaced, the voltage in the 2032 battery is 3.02 V.

    I had my first Tickr replaced under warranty, I thaught it was just bad luck, but this now is also happening to my second Tickr (paired by BTLE to iphone or to Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, same issues).

    Did OP reach any success with troubleshooting the strap?
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    There is a Wahoo utility app supposedly for testing/diagnosing paired devices - have you looked into this?
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    Has anyone else encountered an issue with Tickr paired to an iPhone 8?

    I’ve used Tickrs without problems for 5 years, running the Wahoo app on iPhone 5 & 6 without any problems. This spring I upgraded to the 8 and immediately ran into an annoying issue.

    At any time between 50 minutes and 1 hour 50 minutes into the ride the HRM reading drops by 25-30 bpm. How soon it happens appears to be connected to intensity. It doesn’t matter what I do - roadside reset, restart the app & workout, re-gel the sensors, change the strap or whatever else (and I’ve tried everything I can think of) - the heart reading just won’t recover.

    The app is fully updated. Wahoo customer service have been most helpful and gave me a new Tickr, but all to no avail. The problem occurs without fail on every ride, 3 times per week, and frustrates the hell out of me. At 70 a reliable HRM is essential.

    Any bright ideas?