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How much have you/would you spend on road shoes?

Gazmania1Gazmania1 Posts: 87
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Merry Boxing Day all,

I kinda need a new pair of cycling shoes (by kinda I mean don't need at all) so am looking around to see what's what. I currently wear Specialized shoes as the fit seems to be good (I'm UK size 12) and do like the look of the S Works shoes but am struggling to morally justify the £260 cost versus a pair half the price. Obviously this is an argument that can be expanded to bikes etc but does the extra sole stiffness translate to a noticeable performance?

Has anyone else spent a fortune on shoes and felt it was worthwhile?


  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,571
    Always wanted the really expensive stuff, never bought it as I always baulk at the price.

    Current pair are Specialised jobs - not the cheapest ones but the ones down from the S-Works job. Probably paid £60/70 in the Evans sales a couple of years ago.

    I tend to buy last years really expensive stuff in the sales then run them into the ground until they fall apart.

    But don't get me wrong - if you work hard, then play hard: if you have the money then get the shoes.
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    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
    smithy21 wrote:

    He's right you know.
  • Chain Reaction have some sweeeeeet deals on the Gaerne range, and having owned a pair of the Mythos Carbon for a while i can say they are VERY del made, and a snip at 120 instead of 300..I got rid because in pursuit of a deal I bought the size that didn't really fit!!!
    That doesn't take away the quality tho at all..good shoes..I am SORELY tempted at a pair to "lay away"!!! in the right size!!! :D:D
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Shoes are a gamble. I bought a pair of Gaerne shoes around the £200 mark that weren't available to try in store anywhere. Got them from an Italian supplier. They proved to be too tight and I haven't got wide feet. Too much hassle to try sending them back so sold them on at a loss. Bought a pair of DMT shoes around £230 and they've been excellent.
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  • Shoes have few important requirements. Stiff soles, a snug fit and complete comfort.

    If you are lucky you will get this for £50.
    If you are unlucky it will cost you £200.

    It is an unwritten rule of cycling that the more you spend, the easier it is to convince yourself that the shoes meet the requirements.
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    £100 to £150. Shoes are important and you can get last years top end shoes in that price range if you shop around.

    My Giro Factors were £150 reduced from £250.
    Bont Riots seem to be very good value at £90, maybe less in the sales?

    Although I think there is an argument for insoles being more important. A properly fitting £150 shoe is going to be better than an ill fitting £250 shoe -> that's why I like Giro so much, because they come with an adjustable insole vs. Specialized who charge you £20 for different insoles.
  • I'm quite happy to shop around for the best deal. Most I have paid is £70 on shimano RO87's. I've found the shoes I like and now have 2 pairs. I find the cost about right and would struggle to justify paying over £100 on myself.
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  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,214
    Rapha GT shoes on sale (some sizes)
  • Most I've paid is £60 on a pair of Scott carbon road shoes off ebay. Good condition, and although not produced anymore they have pretty much the same sole as the modern £150-200 versions, and the BOA lacing can still be serviced if need be. Also very light.

    It was a bit of a punt but my reasoning was if they didn't fit well then I could always put them back up for sale and try again on a different pair- won't lose money through depreciation!

    If I were buying a new pair of shoes I can't see myself going more than £150 really because of the diminishing returns, but each to their own.
  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    I've only ever spent £10-15 (through the classifieds) on s/h shoes. I don't race, only occasionally go long and rarely TT. How much of a better cyclist would I be with £100+ shoes?
  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412

    They all have their pros and cons.

    Currently riding in £50 shimano spd sandals. The ugliest shoe imaginable, but great in the heat.

    I do most of my distance riding in Bont Vaypor or Sidi Dragon 2. the bonts are something else. Sidi dragons look pretty much finished in 3 years of riding, but are pretty comfy. I probably wouldn't go so high end with sidi in the future - all the buckles and stuff really don't make much difference to me. As long as the sole is stiffer than a 14 year old left home alone armed only with an internet connection, then it is all good.
  • I was in the same position as the OP. My Giro Factors were looking worse for wear so I bit the bullet on a set of s-works shoes. One of the best bike related purchases I've made, they fit my feet perfectly. I would definitely recommend trying them first though to make sure you get on with them.
  • NeXXusNeXXus Posts: 854
    I'd have a long think around £150
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  • morstarmorstar Posts: 3,257
    Can't see myself ever paying over £100. Just don't get the need for such prices with cycling shoes. Walking boots, ice skates, running shoes all have to balance flex and stiffness and this exposes them to lots of wear and tear which means they earn their price tags (imho). Cycling shoes are simply stiff and face very little wear in my experience.
    Some things are worth top dollar, some simply aren't. If money no object, by all means, but, if you have to ask, that extra £150 could be far better spent (again imho).
    I've spent about £500 on running shoes in the last 2-3 years and find this acceptable due to wear and tear. My £90 cycling shoes are in their 4th year and going strong.
  • kingstoniankingstonian Posts: 2,152
    I have the Shim Expert shoes at the moment, realise now that I should have been a bit more careful with fit when I bought them. Their shape is a bit odd around the toes, so am likely to have to buy a new pair of shoes with better fit soon.
  • norvernrobnorvernrob Posts: 1,448
    £80 for some Giro Factor, second hand but like new as they didn't suit the guy that bought them. I took a punt and they fitted me spot on. I was well chuffed as I was just about to spend £200+ on some Sidis.
  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    I buy stuff when it's cheap and not when I need it, so I have shoes with an RRP of £250 that only cost me £50, even got a spare unopened pair in my locker. Same goes for chains, tyres etc.

    I wouldn't personally spend £250 on a pair of cycling shoes, but I'll happily ride in a pair that are worth that :)
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 3,944
    Go for last years stock, try a concept store or the website?

    Ok the sole won't be as stiff as this years, nor the shoe will be as light or as comfortable but in the real world it's not noticeable. :wink:
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076

    If I tried on a shoe that was amazingly comfy, stiff and durable I would get my wallet out. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that hasn't happened and my £60 MO77s are doing the job. I have had to sell £150 shoes in the past that didn't work out.
  • morstarmorstar Posts: 3,257
    dodgy wrote:
    I buy stuff when it's cheap and not when I need it, so I have shoes with an RRP of £250 that only cost me £50, even got a spare unopened pair in my locker. Same goes for chains, tyres etc.

    I wouldn't personally spend £250 on a pair of cycling shoes, but I'll happily ride in a pair that are worth that :)
    This is good thinking. I try to do this wherever possible but it all depends on disposable income. I could happily blow about a grand on running and cycling gear right now and get about 2 grands worth at retail. There's just one minor sticking point...
  • I found S-Works (in a half size) were the first pair of cycling shoes that ever fitted me and persuaded me to pay full price in a proper shop. Now I know what fits, I'll be lurking for a cheaper pair of the same thing when these eventually need changing (3 years and going strong - makes them great value)
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  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019
    £230 on some of the s-works shoes.
  • morstarmorstar Posts: 3,257
    Genuine question, why are cycling shoes so expensive? Is is limited economies of scale or pricing at a level the market can bear?
    Sole units don't have to balance grip vs durability or have any fancy cushioning. The sole is simply a very rigid piece of carbon or other material designed to flex minimally and the uppers just need to be comfortable without having to provide any significant degree of flex.
    I genuinely don't understand the pricing.
  • I don't think there is an understanding of pricing for any cycling gear in truth.
    I get that a Garmin 1000 would be costly…but why is it over 500quid in top spec when a VERY good Tom Tom is only just over 200??
    Its across the board, clothing, wheels, frames etc etc…Any popular pastime suffers the same…golf is incredibly costly…I came back to cycling from golf..and have a VERY expensive set of clubs/all the shoes etc sat in the garage!!
    Its the old saying…charge what you like..the rubes will always pay!!!!
  • Comfort doesn't have a price. I'm fortunate in that I've never particularly had any discomfort while cycling - my lace-up SPD shoes aren't the stiffest, but I have no complaints, no matter what the intensity or duration. That said, I definitely would consider some fancy racing slippers if I had the money - why would I not? Would love a pair of Giro Empires, but I think my next shoes will be Bont Riots.

    To be fair, though cycling shoes can be very pricey, at least the longevity tends to be good, particularly if you hardly walk in them, and wear overshoes. Compare with dress shoes - no nourishing, polishing, brushing, resoling, shoe trees etc needed either!
  • FitzMFitzM Posts: 232
    FatTed wrote:
    Rapha GT shoes on sale (some sizes)

    Did you buy? I'm very tempted as reviews of them are great :o
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  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,214
    NO, I have a pair of Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
    I'm a little restricted by using Speedplay - and not liking the three-to-four-hole converters. I've had a couple of pairs of Sidis - previously some Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice, currently Wire Carbon Vernice. I paid £190 for the most recent pair, which is a little over half the (imaginary) retail price, and £240 for the pair before.
  • £100. Plenty of shoes in the sale or on Planet X. As said above, get last years model and save lots.
    They do seem expensive but they do last a long time.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,369
    BTwin from Decathlon at £80 are one of the stiffest, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, really impressed with them. So they are the new benchmark for me.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    I spent £120 on some nice shoes, got them in the sale down from £195
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