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Reba RL 29" always locked out?

CalundannCalundann Posts: 10
edited December 2014 in MTB workshop & tech

I have a problem with my Reba RL 100 29" (2014) solo air. The fork supports remote lockout, but was not supplied with one, and I have no intention of using one. My problem is that the fork is always locked out. You can unlock it by manually turning the lockout spool by hand, but that is obviously no good as the spring will reset it when you release it. I was certain that the fork was supposed to be open unless the spool is turned, so it would appear that the fork works completely oppositely? I cannot believe that this is the way it is intended to work.. Or am I wrong?

I checked the service manual, multiple forums and google searches, and even disassembled the damper .. but to no avail..

I want the fork to be unlocked without using a remote lever to open it. Any suggestions?


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