Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8.0



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    Very nice!

    Just that the correct saddle height? That looks like one hell of a drop from saddle to bars!
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    Ai_1 wrote:
    Very nice!

    Just that the correct saddle height? That looks like one hell of a drop from saddle to bars!

    I wondered that, hence my size question. The Canyon website tried to put me on a small. I opted for a medium .
  • Size of frame is XL and which was recommended by Canyon! The saddle height has dropped 1cm since photograph, and yes it is still an aggressive fit, but this is done on purpose, as I just do triathlons up to 70.3 and no road racing and will use the Canyon for a lot of interval training to get my arms used to low positions. Feels fine when I cycled it for a few miles, and I m used to having my back relative flat! My other bikes are more relaxing touring fit, which I like but mentally I m always slow on them! Might be a leg thing as well. :)

    Good to hear that your Fabric Alm saddle seems to stay in place. Will see the result of my installation when I take mine out next week for a few laps of Richmond Park (no cycling for a few days due to funny knee). Had no problem adjusting the angle, it seem to have been harder to adjust the angle with the original Fizik Saddle in it! Went for a stages powermeter, as taking the crank off and on is relative easy!
  • P.s. Forgot to say, that although it is an aggressive fit, I do have relative long arms as well.
  • Picture with saddle having dropped 1cm. Just dont tell my wife that I put the bike on the kitchen table :)
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    That be proper that be.
    Postby team47b » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:53 am

    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
  • And so it begins...

    Good lord your bike is beautiful, stealth ninja tearer.

    Millereski, yours is beautiful too.

    I will have one!!! :twisted:
  • great bike fella. :)
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    lovely stealth build enjoy
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  • what is the seat height from bb center to top of the sadddle
  • On mine its 82.5cm