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What bike? 2nd hand?

L3BIUSL3BIUS Posts: 91
edited November 2014 in MTB buying advice
Helping my friend get a new bike, anything from £300-500. New or 2nd hand... just trying to look for 2nd hand but no idea what to search for as there are so many makes! 2nd hand would be nice as you tend to get bikes with better upgrades and this can save having to upgrade a new one, on the other hand, to find something nice new would be a bonus, warranty etc... any suggestions on makes/models/links... Main use is trail riding, hard tail is what we are looking for.

Would to be nice to buy from someone on here if there is anything right.

any ideas appreciated, thanks!
The New Beast GT Aggressor 2013 project

The Old Beast GT Aggressor Hardtail 2011 Custom Spec

Places i want to visit:
Gisburn Forest, Afan Forest, Holmbury Hill, Forest of Dean, Antur Stiniog, Fort William, Tweed Valley, Cwmcarn


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