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BtWin vs Calibre 22

mortnoctmortnoct Posts: 4
edited December 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hey guys!

One of those usual boring threads, but since cannot find a decent answer anywhere:

About me:

Serious rider, not for sports, but for commuting and travelling: hit about 300 miles a month
Ride on bumpy, bad condition roads at high speeds, bad weather and totalled already 2 road cycles in 8 months, which is why I decided to go for MTB

Bikes I am considering: ... 08677.html

Really like the design
Want to try out full suspension
Expect it to perform well on rough roads
Good Price

Mechanics Brakes
Since it is a cheap full suspension I expect faults soon ... ke-p275612

Like the design
Heard good reviews, expecting the bike to last long
Good Price

Not sure about the size? They have 20 inch frame and I am a 6'4 lad ... Advantages

Pro: Seems sturdy
Cons: Worse specks than Calibre?

Also checked out the woodoo, but did not like the design so I think it is a no. So what could you recommend folks?


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