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Have things changed so much in last decade..KEEP or BUY ??

karldhkarldh Posts: 34
edited October 2014 in MTB buying advice
Currently have a 2005 ish, one of first ones, Giant Trance 4, 3x9 speed, upgraded the fork to a rockshox reba rl serviced by loco tuning about two years ago, has original fox float rear shock, 26 wheels ,xc717 rims on hope pro2 hubs, an old Hayes Hfx rear brake, new shimano deore front brake, deore shifters, front slx mech, rear deore mech both of which just continue to work! Charge spoon saddle on Thomson seat post, use atom carbon bars 660 I think. Spezialized captain control 2.2 on front, 2.1 ground control on rear, both 2 bliss and was thinking of going tubeless on these until started thinking if worth spending more money on bike.bearings still ok but suspect bb is not long for this world and would need new chainset to go with it. Think I bought it for about £500 brand new way back

Ride mainly trail,xc, bridleways, intend to do more trail centres such as Dalby, Sherwood or Sutton Bank, not into too extreme stuff as I am too old for that! Sense of mortality increases with age
Like to go for ride on mtb for a change from road and for constant changes in demand it places on my legs
i ride about 4000 mile a year on the road being principally a roadie now but started out on mtb, so my general fitness is good and legs ok.i like to push the pace riding on the trance off road.some may feel I don't need a full sus bike for the riding I do and you are probably right
I can have occasional lower back probs so quite like a smooth ride , I am about 75 kg and just under 6 ft.

My question is should I just keep plodding on , keep the Trance until it falls to bits or has technology, design ,materials moved things on so much that I would notice a difference on a new 27.5/29 hardtail carbon/aluminium or 27.5 full sus, budget would be no more than am pushing it with carbon, do feel a lighter faster flowing bike than the trance may make things more interesting .would a carbon frame be too stiff or are they designed like some road frames to soak up vibration /bumps now? Can't see point in a 26 wheeled bike as no real change
Would a hardtail be potentially bad for my back?
What differences in steering/ handling if any would I notice if I changed in comparison to the Trance with newer designs
Lots of questions there I know
All ideas as to bikes I should look towards , comments gratefully received


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