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New Race Bike Time!

juddboy_00000juddboy_00000 Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hi All
My trusty Massi Team Carbon is on it's last legs, after 7 years of racing and general trail centre abuse she needs to be retired!
The problem is, replacing the Massi to a similar spec would cost me about £3000, and the bank account is not what it once was!! (kids, cars and house extensions)
Realistically I have a budget of around £1600-1800 for the new bike, and will be happy to upgrade to top-flight parts as and when.
Looking to jump from the 26" to the 29 or 650B world and stay with a hardtail.

The question I suppose is.........I have seen some bikes with carbon frames (Felt being a prime example), but there seems to be a few VERY light alloy rigs in this price range also (cannondale), which will be better to race from the box? Top end alloy or the lower price carbon?

Is anyone racing Alloy and what bikes if they are?

Many thanks



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