Poor Sunday...

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Morning Losers!

I always feel sorry for Sunday, a day of rest and relaxation for everyone, but there's that underlyinig dread of the fact tomorrow is Monday, so nobody can truly be at peace.

Today is a normal day for me. Might go out for dinner, not sure yet, depends on numbers. I'm aching all over from yesterdays football match. I'm surprised as to how much my upper body aches.

Anywho, might have a walk later.

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    Hangover day
  • tlw1
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    Sunday = pub :)
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    matthew h wrote:
    Sunday = pub :)
    Do you mean you woke up on the floor in the pub?
    Afternoon all. Not quite the day I had planned, too the boy to his rugby match instead of doing my thing. He got taken off as he hurt his neck when someone stood on it in a ruck. He later went back on, only to have to come off again. The EPO is not best pleased as he gas stud marks across his neck. She doesn't really understand the game.
    Had to do a bit of DIY, more needs to be done but I stopped for a cuppa.
    Beer later.
  • Day of relaxing!

    Monday & Tuesday off work as well so a trip to Dalby tomorrow!
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    Afternoon girls

    Today has been in no particular order, lie in, bacons, menial laundry type shnizzle, eighteen holes of golf (bit windy, nearly got blown off a few times!) cooked a massive chile con carne that will do us most of the week and now for a quick relax in the hot tub.

    Bring on monday.....i'm not scared of it!
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    bg13 wrote:
    , eighteen holes of golf (bit windy, nearly got blown off a few times!)
    I once got blown off on a golf course when I was a teenager.

    Evening Mongs, back from a trip north to help out poorly parentals. A week of work ahead - shyte!
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