Barely Still Sunday Morning...

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Morning Losers!

Surprised there's nothing here yet. Lazy feckers.

I've had the usual Sunday morning, except I'd normally be going out for some dinner with friends, but everyone's got something going on, so that put a stop to that.

Later, I will maybe go for an actual walk, and plan my trip tomorrow. I'm going to Ladybower I think for my first loop in a long time.

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    10 mins to the F1
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    Nephews got fitted for and bought ski boots for the trip in January, we've had foods and now its time for them to go so i can sit around in my pants and watch sport!

    Other than that it's monday tomorrow, everyones favourite day!

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    Quiet innit.

    Went out for a soon on the roadie :oops: this morning. Now recovering with some coffee listening to the sport while stropteen goes horsey riding - yawn. Later will be a bit of bike fettling and a dark off big dinner as I'm starvin'
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  • Evening Fisters

    just counting the hours down til homeland is back on for the fourth series but meanwhile listening to a bit of hendrix!

    Laters fisters
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