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Newbie In Halifax W.Y.

dazbobabydazbobaby Posts: 2
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Hi all,
I'm a complete novice to bikes in general, but I got talked into a Specialized Myka (used) for my first bike. I was told not to buy a censored bike because I'd hate the bike and biking in general if I did.

Now the Myka is supposed to be a ladies bike, but I've never seen a ladies bike with a top bar like this:
Plus myself and the bike seem to be a really good fit, I'm 6 feet nothing, and very long legged, which is supposed to make this bike a good match. Either way I'm happy with it. I could just do with a bit more speed on the road. Peddling like hell on the road and I can just reach 30mph (guesstimate)

Aside from one problem, the 7 speed shifter disintegrated after a very bumpy 1½ mile downhill ride, it's been faultless. New shifters are coming tomorrow.

But why I joined this forum is to ask if anyone knows of a really good bike track around Halifax West Yorkshire, I've loved the rides I've been on, but I'd also like to be a bit more adventurous.


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