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Bike Stolen, Need Urgent Replacement

jakwobjakwob Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hey Guys,

First post round here, and its not a good one.

I left work today to find someone had cut through 2 bike locks to help themselves to my GT Avalanche 3.0, my bike was my lifeline to get to work as I live in the sticks without reliable public transport. After a nice long 3 hour walk home I need to source another bike ASAP until payday. I dont have any money or any other means of getting to work etc however I do have £100 halfords vouchers *shudders at the thought*

Can you please help me on what to buy, only need the awful im going to purchase for a week or so until I can afford a replacement.

Heres a couple I've seen:

Thanks in advance


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