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Brand new Stumpjumper or 2nd Hand GT Force?

sloth109sloth109 Posts: 6
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Hi Guys just joined forum for the first time and would really like some advice.

I'm on the cusp of upgrading to a new bike, going from an entry level Whyte Hardtail to a full-susser. I was just about to invest in a brand new Specialized Stumpjumper 650b evo comp when I came across a GT Force Carbon (4 months old) on ebay for the same price.

I'm totally in torment as to what bike to go for!!

I'm quite a newbie so I don't really know the difference in spec to make a well informed guess. I test rode the Stumpy in London and I fell in love with it but I'm guessing the GT is better because the retail price.

If anyone has some advice I would be eternally grateful!!!

Cheers Stu


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What year and model Force is it? There are a few variations!
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    Stumpy for me. You might not get the best spec for the money with Specialized these days, but the bikes do ride really nice and warranty is superb. If the GT is the Expert model then it does seem to have better spec but I'd prefer the fork from the Stumpy. I haven't been on a GT since the 90s so I'm not sure how they ride though, and obviously no warranty if buying used... something I'd definitely want on a carbon bike.
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  • Thanks for the quick response guys. The GT is the 2014 model, it's currently in the sale at most places as they're obviously bringing out a new model where as the Stumpy is a 2015 bike - not that that really matters but that is a very good point you made about the warranty!
  • ej2320ej2320 Posts: 1,543
    Personally I'd go for the stumpy, a solid bike that will last you ages.. maybe not the best spec but you can always upgrade around the solid frame
  • Myster101Myster101 Posts: 856
    Stumpy, then upgrade as things wear out (or sooner if you get the upgrade bug :D ).
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  • Thanks for all the advice guys it certainly has made my decision a lot easier! Stumpy it is I think!
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