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Buy or build? Lightweight hybrid / mtb

bissonabissona Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in MTB general
Hi all,

As above, trying to decide whether to buy something close to my requirements or build from scratch / bits I already have. The objectives are:

1. Physical comfort - 21/XL frame, sprung fork for my ageing corpse
2. Weight - target of 11kg and under
3. Desirable - can't look too much like a bitsa
4. Simplicity of maintenance - no front derailleur, maybe v-brakes instead of discs, internal cable routing(?)
5. Low rolling resistance but some light off-road ability
6. Budget - c.£800, preferably less

In my minds eye I have a light, slightly old-school frame (I miss my stumpy comp that was nicked :( ), the lightest fork I can afford (I have a set of Pace rc36PC2's spare), light 700c wheels, c.32mm tyres, 10 speed, raised bars... that's about as far as I've got. I recognise the issues with 700c wheels and brake mounting points, and I've already fallen foul of a frame without sufficient tyre clearance (doh!).

On the flip side, I could just buy a Crosstrail Comp Disc and be done with it. While I'm sure it would be a great all-round bike I'm just not sure it's ever going to weigh little enough, or have that smidgen of originality, for me to be wholly happy.

My rides vary from 5 mile commutes through to 30 mile+ evening rides (75% on road), pub (and pub-to-pub) transport, and short spins with children. I'm 6'1", 90kg, a bit wobbly and still like to do the odd jump / wheelie / stoppie despite being old enough to be a grandparent.

Any and all help gratefully received.




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