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Cotic BFe: My first ever build has started

jf22901jf22901 Posts: 155
edited September 2014 in Your mountain bikes
Well, I decided I'd build my new bike so I have a better idea about how things work and how to fix them (generally I'm just lazy and take my bikes to the LBS). I've never built a bike before, so I imagine this isn't going to be a quick build! I fell off my road bike and factured my collarbone a few weeks ago anyway, so I'm not in a rush to get it done.

I'm using some of the bits off my old bike (forks, wheels, handlebar, saddle and seatpost), but am putting on new shifters and derailleurs (have converted to 2x10), and am replacing my Avid Juicy brakes with XTs.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures showing where I've got to so far. I live in a shared house, so don't have anywhere else really to build it apart from my bedroom! I don't know whether there's a specific order to do things in, so feel free to give any tips.



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