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I need a screw (although technically I think it's a bolt)

paulintheforestpaulintheforest Posts: 84
edited August 2014 in The workshop
Hi all

Due to some sheer incompetence on my part I did some work on my daughter's bike on the grass and dropped the screw that holds the indicator lens to her gear shifter.

The screw you can see here
Anyone know what size it is or where I can get a replacement from? The LBS haven't been much help, I even tried Halfords in desperation. She can't race the bike until I can put the cover back on so I need to try to get this sorted ASAP. It's a Shimano 2300 shifter

Also in the interests of fairness, picture blatently stolen from this Ebay listing here (which is my plan B source for the screw/bolt)



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