Are Orange owners colour blind?



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    Sorry for hijacking the thread rm, but I think it was getting a bit boring. Unlike the colour scheme of oranges :wink:
  • Why are some people so concerned with what others choose to buy, Orange or otherwise?
    Because they're wrong.
    It's like Android owners who feel an uncontrollable urge to tell iPhone owners how they've wasted their money .
    Because they have.

    Point proven.
    It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.
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    Yeah, it's a razr. I hate all phones equally so I can't see me getting a smartphone any time soon. I do, though, for work, have to have an iPad. As useful as it is for work, I still think it's the work of the Devil and would rather be without it. A shagging waste of time, if you ask me.
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