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GT i-Drive 4.0, worth keeping?

FengolFengol Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in MTB beginners
Ok, years back (2001) I got bought a GT i-Drive 4.0 (as seen in the attachment). The problem was that back then I just wasn't really into mountain biking. It got used occasionally for light on-road use but was then shelved for the best part of 10 years.

Since then I've become very involved in road cycling and have recently got the urge to take up mountain biking. The problem is that after digging this out of its storage, the front forks (Judy XC) are shot. The seals are gone and there's just no resistance in them at all (even when filled with a high weight oil).

My question is, is it worth forking out (no pun intended) the cash to buy new front forks (which will now probably mean disc brake mounts only, so the brakes and hubs will need replaced too) on what is now a 13 year old bike?
I've just moved over to Cumbria so will be mostly using it in and around the Lake District. Nothing particularly technical as I've not done much of this type of stuff before.

Part 2 of the question is that if you reckon it is worth keeping, what would you suggest as a replacement front fork?

Thanks in advance :)


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