Saturday morning thread

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Despite a decent night on the ale, still not slept :(

Bright side, driving to the airport in a few hours :) So today will involve buying stuff at duty free and having a few beers before a dodgy flight


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    It's raining a little bit.
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    At work, on nights ,in bed after a 5 week layoff from the bike after a back injury last time I was at work

    F**k Saturday
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
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    Morning fembots!

    Hotter than the front of my trousers here!

    Menial tasks on the cards today with a night out that could go one of two ways! Must not get too drunk, must not get too drunk!

    Onwards to H'dness!
    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Morning Saddle Sniffers,

    Still in bed but can't be arsed to get up :) And its tipping down again here. Got a few menial tasks to do then taking the roadie to get the brakes bled and getting dragged round Bromley shopping with wifey and stopchild :| May have to brew up a coffee soon...

    BPW/Cwmcarn double header now booked for the first half of September so something to look forward to after the holidays 8)

    Matthew, have a good flight and do remember to drop in here while you're draining Cyprus dry
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    Morning tards.

    Matthew h is going on holiday, time to go and rob his house :lol:

    Off to the mother laws today and its pissing down so that means we'll be stuck inside all day :roll: I'd rather stay here and watch the planes 8)
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    Afternoon all,
    Woken up by the builders that have started work next door. 18 years of barely hearing a thing from next door have ended.
    Went into town with the EPO. She wanted to buy me some new clothes for some reason. Not sure why, I thought I was the very image of sartorial elegance, or not.
    Might go out to the garage for a bit of tinkering now. Will need cold beer later.