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Morning Losers!

I really need to get to bed earlier, but this damn play is eating any form of personal time I have left in my life. The shows are tonight and tomorrow night, and I'll be glad once it's over to be honest. I then have to dismantle all the sound gear and bring it back tomorrow! :roll:

Today, more soldering. Might try to sneak a snooze in somewhere quiet.

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    I'm so glad I got out of live events, I like my 7am - 3.30 days much better 8)

    anyway, not much to report. work meh with a bike ride later.

    on a diet so I can't even look forward to some nice food later

    see ya
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    Work fun day planned, but sneaking over the horizon I can see my flight out of here on Saturday for a couple of weeks :)
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    Drove in to work today as I had to take some Mini bits in to clean up, lovely day out there.
    Hopefully a reasonably quiet day at work, but I doubt it. It's Wednesday so that means pub. Although there is talk of going for a ruby, or we could do one of our cycling pub crawls. I'm in favour of riding round pubs, hardly surprising. Mr H would approve, 5 pubs in 11 miles and almost entirely off road. Safety first you see.
    Until then I will have to survive on tea and flap jacks.
    I go on holiday 4 weeks today, by then Matt's holiday will just be a fading memory.
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    Quiet in here....heavy day at work, been down pub, just comeback to office turn PC off then ride home, by which time I won't smell of alcohol at all :)
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    blah day of red arrow repair shizzle for me!

    on the up side i've just had foods and a nice glarse of wine!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Evening jizz buckets,

    Today was Finance course in Soho, Londonshire. Tonight will be spent in Pub, H'dshire.

    Tomorrow will hopefully involve a rather zig-zag-y ride.