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headset issue gt halfords bike

spenandspenand Posts: 11
edited July 2014 in MTB workshop & tech

I purchased a GT agressor 3 from halfords a few years ago. was a good spec but didn't last too well.

anyway i have used it for spares and now want to get it running again so need parts. GT won't help at all, it wasn't even made by them apparantly.

my issue is the headset, not sure what happened but forks/handle bar were all of a sudden loose in the front of the frame a bit where forks go. i took apart and i think ball bearings had gone missing. so i tried a spare from my trax bike but it must be the wrong size and it still feels loose. you can see in picture, looks ok but i must need bigger ball bearing ring
do i need new stem or just ball bearing ring thing? top and bottom.

measurements are as follows:
top of frame width 2inch
tube width where ball bearing ring goes 1 5/8 inches
top of fork width 1 1/8 inches

pics hopefully attached[email protected]/


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