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new bike for occasional rider

theslowonetheslowone Posts: 57
edited June 2014 in Commuting general
Hi All
Not sure if this is corrct forum but I was hoping for some advice

My Dad rides fairly regularly on an ebike (he is 70 after all) the issue is that he is also a caravanner and can not lift his ebike onto the roof of the car. He has asked me for some advice as a cyclist, but to be honest I am at a loss.
There are some requirements for his new (only when caravanning) bike.

1. Cheap (approx £250 max)
2. light enough to lift onto car
3. enough low gears to ride up reasonable hills
4. sturdy enough for canal tow paths etc
5. he will not buy from internet unless he can see the bike beforehand

I have suggested Decathlon already but my knowledge of this cheaper end of the market is limited so would appreciate any other suggestions.


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