Mehnday Morning Thread...

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Mehning Losers!

It was too warm last night, so haven't slept great. Looks like a nice day today though, which is great when I'm spending the day moving my office further underground, away from windows and fresh air and nearer a building site :roll:

That's pretty much my day summed up.

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    Morning dossers,

    The sudden realisation that 3 days per week I'll be starting work at 7am. Monday is 'office day' though which means 8 hours trapped in the cave. Got the boss down for most of today aswell so should at least be a productive one.

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    Bit meh as unsure if I'm away tonight and if I'm honest I could do with a decent sleep, which never happens in hotels. Especially if they have bars
  • welshkev
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    morning all,

    had a great weekend, but too much time in the sun yesterday has resulted in me getting what I can only assume is heat/sun stroke as I feel absolutely crap and just want to throw up :?

    I've dragged my self into work and so far orange juice and anadin are keeping me going. 2 hours down, 6 to go....

  • Oh Marone
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    Good moaning

    Feeling a bit weird today as I don't have to go to work..................for the next two weeks :D
    Suprised I am still alive today as I made burgers from scratch yesterday mostly using Gordon effing Ramsays recipe with a few tweaks. First time making them and they tasted amazing cooked on the bbq. Bought 6 lb of steak mince from a farmers market for £12 a few weeks ago, so good excuse to make some burgers.

    Got a few jobs to do this week involving bikes. Need to finish painting the manifold on the motor bike as the can of vht paint run out 3/4 of the way through the job. Belly pan needs fixing as one of the two lugs has snapped off again, got some araldite to glue the lug back on and a glass fibre resin kit to try and add a bit of strength. Little bit of rust to sort out and then a mini service and MOT and hopefully should be back on the road again.

    Also want to go and check out Thetford forest on the proper bike, nearest "trail centre". Probably rubbish compared to your Welsh ones but beggars can't be choosers. There may be a few ciders on the cards as well :)
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    Oh Marone wrote:
    Also want to go and check out Thetford forest on the proper bike, nearest "trail centre". Probably rubbish compared to your Welsh ones but beggars can't be choosers
    Yes you can. save your time and go straight to getting H'd on the ciders. to uses an old surfing term, its flatter than a witches tit.

    Anywhooo quiet day today, but going to use it constructively and pick up another new rear wheel for the No1's project build. bloody thing is going to kill me.

    Right onwards to even more coffee
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    Afternoon crudders.....

    Nice easy day as I'm off work, long list of jobs to do round the house, nearly finished the build on the 97 Fuji Nevada yesterday but couldn't find any 7 speed power links to join the chain, so some coming off eBay....will be finished this week.......
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    Evenin All,

    Survived a tedious day in work but have the evening pedal to look forward to. My body has finally recovered from Fridays beating! At least there's yet more footy on the box tonight. And beer in the fridge.
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