Waterproof jacket?

jamie 'jammy dodger'
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Been looking at various jackets (mainly for commute)..£50 to spend,but at this price is my old "pac a mac" fine enough or can i invest in a jacket that may keep a little more water out?
Still can't wheelie :(


  • batmo
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    I've had some success in TKMaxx for waterproofs, the last one being a Berghaus one for under £70 (£130 elsewhere). Only 300g so bother to carry.
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  • njee20
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    Just get wet. Most waterproofs (even good ones) will have you sweating like a pig anyway.
  • njee20 wrote:
    Just get wet. Most waterproofs (even good ones) will have you sweating like a pig anyway.
    +1 - it's summer, so the rain is 'relatively' warm.
    Save up the pennies now so that you can buy a proper waterproof for the autumn/winter.
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  • leythervegas
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    Ive got one of these in XL (more like a large, really nice tailored fit) that I have only worn once but the mrs bought me another very similar one for fathers day. Yours for £35 posted if you want it.

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  • stubs
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    I hate waterproofs and find its better in summer just to wear a thin windproof top. I have a Montane windproof smock that packs up small and isnt too boil in the bag for summer wear. You can find them for about £50 if you search.
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  • Thanks for the help mateys

    Just back from a shop trip with mrs,ended up buying a madison jkt at sale price £45...perfect fit,light weight,waterproof blah blah blah..love/hate bike shops,once u start browsing there's so much "i want" items.
    Still can't wheelie :(
  • njee20
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    In summer I definitely just get wet! In fact I wear as little as possible. Wet gloves is grim, wet hands is fine!

    Still, as long as you're happy.
  • ^ totally agree,less is better this time of yr...basically purchasing things on my bike tick list (at sale price when poss).Next up mtb shoes/trainers.
    Still can't wheelie :(