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New guy checking in!

dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
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Hi guys,
Thought I should introduce myselfas I've just started to get back out on my bike.

My name's Chris and currently reside not too far away from Cannock Chase.

Currently have a few years old Saracen Element 2 which I bought when I had a calf injury from running - couldn't run so physio suggested a bike. It only got used for a few months and then went back in the shed.

Fast forward 5 years and as I now have kids (3yo daughter and 7yo step son) who get on their bikes as often as they can and we live a stone's throw from Cannock Chase thought it was about time I got back on my bike.

Really liking getting out of the trails while the wife takes the kids around the paved/tarmaced areas.

Looking to upfrade my bike soon'ish as it's a bit heavy and has sprung forks.

Have thought about building my own as I enjoyed putting the kid's bikes together and fettling them.
I used to work at Halford in the cyle department when I was a student - so am fairly handy with a hammer - sorry I mean spanner :D , and things started to come back to me when sorting the kids & my bike out.

Can anyone recommend any good reference/maintenance manuals?

If I did build my own where would be a good source for a not too horrendously priced hard tail frame?

If I was looking for a new ready built ready to go bike what are peoples thoughts on the Calibre BIkes?, they appear to get good reviews - anyone got one?

Oh, and if there's anyone local to the 'Chase who wouldn't mind a slow/steady ride let me know (Have only done FTD twice and that was a few years back).




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