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Birchyboy1234Birchyboy1234 Posts: 21
edited June 2014 in MTB beginners
Just wanted to say hi as i am a new forum member. I have had great pleasure in reading some of the posts and found them very informative.
I have just taken the plunge and bought a Carrera Kraken at a good price of £350 as Halfords have reduced them. It does the job for me so far as i am only commuting to work and doing a little off roading at the moment.
I was in Halfords yesterday making an enquiry about a bike for my son and they said that the whole Carrera range is changing very soon and they will all have 27.5" wheels. This is why i picked up my Kraken so cheap.
Anyway as an entry level bike whats the thoughts on the carrera? especially at the price i paid.

Cheers Guys



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