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Advice needed on new bike

BraythorBraythor Posts: 13
edited July 2014 in MTB beginners
Hi all.

I'd never really done any proper mountain biking, then a friend took me up Gisburn Forest red route recently, on a borrowed bike, and I loved every single minute of it, even though it was hammering down with rain (in fact, that kind of made it more fun). So much did I enjoy it that I'm looking to get into it and thus obviously need a bike.

After a lot of research, I'd pretty much singled out the Calibre two two as ideal for my needs and budget. So I went into the local Go Outdoors and of course they were out of stock. However they did have the Calibre 50 in, and they've promised to knock £100 off it for me (so it'd be just under £500). This really stretches my budget past the £400 I was looking at, but I can just about manage it. So of course the question is, should I go for it, or wait until (if ever) the two two is back in stock, or does anyone have other recommendations (the Rockrider 8.1 looks good, but I really can't stretch another 60 quid)? Any help would of course be greatly appreciated, thank you (almost forgot my manners there!).


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