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protecting a new frame

jas754jas754 Posts: 26
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Hi guys, my new bike should be arriving in a few weeks, never used any thing like helitape ect before, just wondered how you guys protect your frames, how much to cover up ect?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Small bits on the cable rub areas, otherwise nothing. It's a mountain bike.
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  • gazman428gazman428 Posts: 111
    I always cover down tube and seat stays.

    The down tube e cause I ride on stoney trails which knocks the paint literally off and the seat stays because II ride all year round d my waterproofs wear through the paint.
  • Posts: 4,067
    I've got a neoprene type chain stay protector and I got some crappy little clear, sticky ovals from Epic Bleed Solutions but they're kinda peeling off so have replaced them with some PVC tape to cover some of the cable rubbing areas.

    I do have £7 worth of Superstar Impact Protection Sheet in my basket that I might get with the next order of brake pads - downtube is a bit of a concern as it gets whacked with some fairly big flying rocks but so far no visible damage

    But like CD says, you can't be too's a mountain bike
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  • jas754jas754 Posts: 26
    I know its just a mountain bike at the end of the day, but I like to look after my stuff aswell as raging down trails, my thoughts were just to do the down tube, the odd cable rub area and the bottom of the chainstay as thats where my 3 year old zesty suffered most, just wondered how far people went nowadays, ta
  • CookehCookeh Posts: 351
    I pretty much have the above, chainstay protector, few cable rubs areas and thats it - dont even bother with downtube tape tbh.
  • jmillenjmillen Posts: 627
    Not ashamed to say I go overboard with tape on my bikes, both road and mountain bike.

    I generally do all cable rub areas, the underside of the downtube, top of the top tube, back of the seat tube, both chain stays and sometimes even the seat stays. Yes it's over the top, but I like to look after my bikes and it helps keep the potential re-sale value up.

    Having said that, each to their own. Do what ever you're happy with. Take your time and use plenty of warm soapy water and a card to smooth it all out.
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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    I got a full invisiframe kit fitted to mine... Worth every penny IMO lovely cut size and covers most of your paint work and you can hardly see it.

    would do it again for HT when i get it end of summer :)
  • Chainstay protector and a couple of Jagwire tube tops for cable rub.
    My Lapierre came with some clear frame protection stuff on the downtube, but that is already coming off.
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