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Best single-sided SPD with good MTB flat platform

shanesivapalanshanesivapalan Posts: 2
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Hi Chaps,

Just getting back into MTBing (XC mainly) having spent the last 6/7 years commuting on a racer.
Just come back from some crazy cool XC and DH trails in Bolivia, and needless to say, have re-caught the MTB bug.
Just taken delivery of my new toy; a 2013 Kona Hei Hei Deluxe (I think a bargain-ish at £1530 from

Bought some Shimano M530 MTB pedals as didnt like the size of the platforms around the standard SPD pedals that the bike came supplied with (i think Shimano M324 combination pedals); however having just tested them, realised they aren't what i want... as essentially neither side provides a totally flat platform for non-spd shoes.

Hoping you learned folk can point me in the direction of your favourite single-sided SPD, with a proper fully flat platform which ideally has some half-decent studding on it, doesn't weigh a ton (i.e. under 500g) and is something different to the Shimano A530 (which I use on my racer and are good, though would prefer something a little grippier on the platform side).

Any suggestions welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,



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