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Planet X XLS vs On one dirty disco?

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I currently commute & XC (in spare time) with a full sus bike...the 2 bikes mentioned in title are a couple of choices id like to use to commute & light XC.

Of the two does the £299 price difference offer alot more,ive never had a cyclocross so have no comparison.

Many thanks for any input J
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    My ride buddy has both - XLS has more classic CX race geometry, i.e. faster-handling whereas DD has slacker head angle and better for all-day riding, like the 100 miles of the Dorset Gravel Dash last weekend. Depends on what you're planning to use the bike for.
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  • drummer_boydrummer_boy Posts: 236
    I have the XLS (with SRAM), and a friend at work has ordered the Dirty Disco (due to land next week), so when it does I'll be able to give a direct comparison!!

    As Monty Dog said, my understanding is also that teh XLS is more out and out race frame than the DD.

    Cross Junkie here ( ... n-xls.html) , has ridden and raced both, and in an earlier blog muses on the differences between the two.
  • Thanks for the help.

    Primarily the bike will serve as a commute (the full sus is fun but heavy).I currently ctw 5 mins road 25/30 mins canal,about 8 miles so not breaking any records here.

    But i'm going to save full sus for trail days and certain XC routes but would like a CX bike to able me to have some longer road/light xc routes.

    The tart in me loves black bikes,I've looked at the boardman team/comp but not liking the chrome look plus ive never had a carbon so be a nice change.

    Cheers again J
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  • Ps just noticed cross junkie is relatively local to me (approx 12 miles) irrelevant but cool
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,128
    Sounds like the dirty disco is then...
    However, I have a race geometry frameset and I use it for pretty much everything and I don't race
  • You'd think the DD clinches it but the jury is still out :-\
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  • PuttyKneesPuttyKnees Posts: 381
    Wasn't the DD designed for 3 peaks type riding, and the XLS is a more typical race bike?
  • Q about sizing....overlooked 6ft,rode a 20# hardtail and currently a 44cm (17.5 i think) full led to believe CX bikes are totally different to the mentioned bikes and road bikes.

    Don't think planet x have a store near me but have a halfords local,presuming if i try a Boardman CX this will set the scale for other CX bikes?
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,128
    You have to decide between 54 and 56... probably 56 is more your size. I am 5'10" and have a 54 frame
  • Thanks matey.
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  • GGBikerGGBiker Posts: 450
    Bear in mind these 2 bikes don't have any mudguard eyelets etc if you plan to use mudguards on your commute.
  • Not an issue,besides the neo guard on my sus i can happily cycle without guards (granted i have a full change of clothes at work for wet days).
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  • I have a XLS and love it.

    I've ran it on conti gp4s pretty much since I got it and use it for road riding and the odd commute. The furthest I've rode it is around 50 mile and had no problem with comfort.
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  • Cool B-)

    I favor continental rubber queens 2.2 as a rule,not checked yet but do conti do a CX tyre in the same grade?
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  • Trip to Halfords for a sizing...Their CX team 55.5 was a very comfy fit & to be fair (unlike previous comment) a nice looking chrome bike.

    Felt weird at first,thought they brought out a small frame as the bike looked very low,i belive this is the case with CX & road bikes unlike hardtail/full sus.

    Still not sure i want to clip in but am very excited with the different cycle experience looming.
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  • drummer_boydrummer_boy Posts: 236
    I am 5'11" and ride a 56cm PX XLS. I'm only down the road from you in Blackburn (work at least) and my commute, on this bike is 10.5miles, about half and half road and canal.
  • Nice one....going with the xls,checked out a few others but i always come back to the xls so gonna go with the gut feeling,checking out spd's now :-\ love riding with flats but think its time to "man up" and clip in!!!
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  • bobleybobley Posts: 60
    I'm 5'11" and ride the 54cm XLS. It works but you do get the odd toe clash on the front wheel.

    Apart from geo the DD is a fair bit lighter as the XLS comes with ali steerer fork 769g vs the full carbon DD @ 490g
  • oldbazzaoldbazza Posts: 646
    Just got a reduced XLS frameset from Planet X via e-bay which I'm trying to build up on a budget* mine came with a full carbon fork so I don't know if they've changed the spec as the website says ally steerer :?: ;both the bods I spoke to at PX didn't seem surprised when I said it was a full carbon fork though.

    *Not necessarily succeeding at this although I'll come in a fair bit under the full price.
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  • Good luck with the build,hope you manage within budget...pondered the idea of a mtb build over the years,in just so indecisive/impulsive i can't choose the make/frame id like to start with .

    CX biking hopefully will be a quality experience though.
    Still can't wheelie :(
  • simon tsimon t Posts: 132
    Does anyone know the F &F weights for the XLS, DD against a Kinesis pro 6?
  • The planet x website has the weight specs for xls & DD on the chosen bikes page...the kinesis is also the same on a number of stockists sites (don't have pen handy to actually scribble them down,sorry).

    Still can't wheelie :(
  • simon tsimon t Posts: 132
    The planet x website has the weight specs for xls & DD on the chosen bikes page...the kinesis is also the same on a number of stockists sites (don't have pen handy to actually scribble them down,sorry).

    but do you believe them though?
  • Fair point ;-)
    Still can't wheelie :(
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