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650b Mudguard

piepiepiepie Posts: 5
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Hi peeps I have purchased a new bike with 650b wheels running hans damph tyres and a Rockshox Pike Rct3 fork. The brace across the fork legs is pretty tight to the wheel. I was just wondering what mudguards any of you might be using with this sort of set up.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Mucky Nutz.
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  • piepiepiepie Posts: 5
    Sorry should have mentioned I have one of those and it does tend to rub the hans does have a slight distortion in it. Where the fork legs are a larger dia to allow for the wiper seals it pushes the mucky nuts in hence slight rubbing. I can move it about to stop it but soon as I hit the rough stuff the mucky nuts moves to its natural position and the rubbing starts again.
  • ej2320ej2320 Posts: 1,543
    I have a pike with 2.35 650b Hans Dampfs and it works fine for me
    Make sure the Velcro is tight
  • I have the mucky nuts & marsh guard,much prefer the marsh guard
  • piepiepiepie Posts: 5
    Tried again with my mucky nuts took the wheel out to make sure i could do the straps tight put the wheel on and its still rubbing its actually catching the top of the tyre. Why on earth did Rockshox make that brace so low an extra 5mm higher surely wouldnt have spoilt any of the dynamics of the fork
  • ej2320ej2320 Posts: 1,543
    I'm not sure why that's happening

    I have 650b Pike RCT3 with a 650b 2.35 Hans Dampf and the mucky nutz doesn't catch and there's a decent bit of clearance

    May seem stupid but are you sure your fork is actually the 650b version?
  • piepiepiepie Posts: 5
    Hi ej2320

    Its definitely the 650b fork. I did have my doubts mind but giving the bike a clean the other day and saw a sticker on the rear of the fork leg stating that is was 27.5" fork.

    Anyway been down to my LBS today to discuss it and decided to buy a new mucky nuts and take a chance. Fitted and its perfect. I think the old one has kind of moulded itself to the shape of my old Fox 36's and maybe this was causing it to not fit correctly.
  • ej2320ej2320 Posts: 1,543
    I suppose it's possible the plastic could've deformed.. At the end of the day it is only plastic!
    At least they're cheap to replace
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