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My Ridley Damocles Vs Brothers Dolan Ares

griff30griff30 Posts: 5
edited May 2014 in Your road bikes
Which do you prefer, just for fun.



  • PaulC555PaulC555 Posts: 58
    Dolan....all the way....
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  • arran77arran77 Posts: 9,260
    PaulC555 wrote:
    Dolan....all the way....
    I was just about to say exactly this before I scrolled down and saw your post :lol:
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  • griff30griff30 Posts: 5
    looks like the bro will be happy, thanks guys
  • nweststeynnweststeyn Posts: 1,574
    Hmmm it's close but I'm going Dolan too... (sorry!).
  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Ridley, but I am biased as I own 2
  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    I'd say Dolan, I don't know if it has the panache to pull off Campag though :/
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  • rdentrdent Posts: 49
    Dolan, but I'd have black handlebar tape. Each to their own though. Both great bikes.
  • casatikidcasatikid Posts: 229
    Liking the results as im going to pick up my New Dolan Ares next week.Chose the new Fluo green/white/black or rather my wife did.Trust me to take her along as I was going to go for the red etc.
    Found it strange that Terry Dolan only has one type of bar in stock though.Ive sourced my own bars,stem,tyres and saddle.Cant wait to ride it.
  • TKFTKF Posts: 279
    Chunky looking downtube on that Dolan!

    Have you ridden it? Interested to see how it compares as I have the same bike as you, even down to the Quattros.
  • griff30griff30 Posts: 5
    ive ridden the dolan a little bit but my brother has longer legs than me and i dont like messing with his saddle position, it is different to the ridley, he also finds a big difference between the 2. hard to say what it is with so little mileage done on the dolan. i love the ridley now but it took some getting used to much stiffer than my old fuji carbon. have to say i found the stock 4za wheels terrible and put on old shiman 500 which i felt were better, love the quattros for the money 225 euro
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    The Dolan - but only because of the Ridley forks which just look odd to me.
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  • dombhoydombhoy Posts: 147
    Ridley although I agree it should have black forks
  • TKFTKF Posts: 279
    I like the forks but reckon they need some other white finishing kit to match.
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