First 25 Mile ride: DONE!

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So I decided a few weeks back that I was going to get back into cycling a bit more seriously - A) Because I enjoy it and B) I need to shed some weight in time for summer!

Having recently bought a 2013 Trek 4700, I have managed to comfortably achieve my first 25 mile ride (25.6 to be precise) ........ Well happy with the new bike & pleased with the effort, after only being back on a bike for a few weeks, since a LOOONG time ago, all done around central London.

Looking to do a charity ride, London > Brighton, which is 56 miles iirc, so need to keep going, but definitely headed in the right direction.... Will be aiming for 30 miles on the next outing :)


  • jon1993
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    well done keep up the hard work :)
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  • rockmonkeysc
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    Keep it up and remember, off road miles are worth two on road. Twice as hard and ten times as much fun.
    Get entered in an event like the Exmoor Explorer for something to aim for.
  • jmillen
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    Well done :) Keep it up and enjoy it
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  • will_85
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    Managed 32 miles today!

    Definitely going to look at getting off road ASAP, I've heard Epping forest is worth a look & close to me in London.... Will have to make time to check it out :)
  • The Rookie
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    Almost anyone can manage 56 miles on a bike, the key is managing the pace so you don't 'blow up'. I'd never done more than 30 miles when I did my first 80 miler.
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  • rockmonkeysc
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    Road miles are easy. Off road is generally a lot tougher.
  • njee20
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    Same holds true though, pace and fuel yourself appropriately and you can keep going for ages.