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First 25 Mile ride: DONE!

will_85will_85 Posts: 84
edited May 2014 in MTB beginners
So I decided a few weeks back that I was going to get back into cycling a bit more seriously - A) Because I enjoy it and B) I need to shed some weight in time for summer!

Having recently bought a 2013 Trek 4700, I have managed to comfortably achieve my first 25 mile ride (25.6 to be precise) ........ Well happy with the new bike & pleased with the effort, after only being back on a bike for a few weeks, since a LOOONG time ago, all done around central London.

Looking to do a charity ride, London > Brighton, which is 56 miles iirc, so need to keep going, but definitely headed in the right direction.... Will be aiming for 30 miles on the next outing :)


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