fogging goggles remedy?

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Is there some secret to stopping goggles fogging tried them really tight really loose In Between but having to take them off as they just fog the fuck up grrr.? Some kind of product I can buy to stop it?


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    What googles are you using?
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    Only put them on when you're ready to roll. Keeping moving keeps air flowing through them and stops them misting.
    I use Fox Main goggles and their as good as any, shame you can't get lenses any more.
  • Long_Time_Lurker
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    I use Muc-Off anti-fog. Improves things, but it's not perfect.
    Rockmonkey is right though. You will have to get into the habit of removing your googles the minute you stop moving for any length of time.
    I have to do the same with my snowboard goggles too.
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    I used to use Cat Crap anti fog when I lived in the states though I think you can get it here as well, worked pretty well although I think it was the name that sold it for me.
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    I used to use this stuff for my motorbike helmet before I got a pinlock visor and it was by far the best stuff I used. I had the bottle to apply at home and kept one of the individual wipes tucked into the liner of the helmet in case I ever needed to re-apply when I was out. ... B001JR4CIO
  • fielonator
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    Try some baby shampoo. I've used this for both swimming and land-based goggles and it works a treat. First make sure the insides of the lenses are clean, then smear a very small amount of baby shampoo mixed in water on the lenses. Leave this to dry. Once it's dried try not to touch the lenses.

    It's probably similar to a proper anti-fog product, but you may already have some in your bathroom. Washing up liquid also works, but I wouldn't recommend using it for swimming.
  • paulbox
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    Try washing up liquid neat, just get a small amount on a cloth and rub it all over the inside of the lenses. Use this when scuba diving and it works a treat.

    If they are double layered lenses (I have no idea), keep them indoors rather than in a shed/garage/car. If the thin layer of air between the lenses gets cold it will fog a lot worse when your sweaty face is warming the air inside the goggles.
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