What size spanner for rear gears

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Unfortunately my rear gears takes a spanner instead of an allen key, and I only have a large adjustable spanner, which is far from ideal.

So, anyone know the size of spanner I need, so I can get a small spanner with a ring side to easily tighten the cable in it?



  • pesky_jones
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    You need a 5litre spanner for that
  • drlodge
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    Not sure which bolt your are talking about, the cable clamp bolt? Just measure across the flats of the bolt, it will be 8mm, 10mm or 13mm I would guess.
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  • rubez
    rubez Posts: 323
    The bolt that tightens down on the gear cable (after you tension it)

    I ordered a 4th hand to make things easier, so I want to avoid using an crappy adjustable spanner.
  • Chunkers1980
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    You need a 5litre spanner for that

  • philcubed
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    How hard do you want to hit it? Large spanner to hit hard, small spanner to hit less hard.
    Alternatively buy a spanner set and see which one fits?
  • rubez
    rubez Posts: 323
    Fuck it, I'll just use the adjusty.
  • pesky_jones
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    Course you will
  • cooldad
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    Of course any sensible person would check it with the shifting spanner and measure the gap.

    No need even for Parktools, which hasn't been mentioned yet.
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  • The Rookie
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    9mm on low level Shimano mechs....oddball size for those who are used to cars where you'll only ever get 8 or 10mm.
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  • rockmonkeysc
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    It's a special weighted spanner you need. Your local bike shop will have one, ask them for a long weight and you will get exactly what you need.
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  • BigAl
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    rubez wrote:
    The bolt that tightens down on the gear cable (after you tension it)

    I ordered a 4th hand to make things easier.
    Are you some sort of inbred? Have you already got three hands?
  • Chunkers1980
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    Obvious. But they are listed as third and 4th hands for some reason. Just about pointless for gears but OK for Vs, which rubez claims to have as disks are shite.
  • chrisw333
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    keep 'em coming Rubez, cheers up my day.